To start off, we hope this finds you well and healthy!

Smile Ahead Clinic is announcing the protective measures that are being strictly implemented since Monday, May 4 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The following will be in force until newer instructions for the safe operation of health centers are announced by the National Public Health Organization and the Hellenic Dental Federation.


  1. After the introductory phone call, the Clinic will email two forms to the patient: one regarding the patient’s personal information and one regarding COVID-19. The patient will need to fill out both forms and return them to the Clinic via email.
  2. The Front Desk will contact the patient to schedule an appointment and go over further instructions.
  3. Patients should be exact at the time of their appointment. They should come unaccompanied, unless otherwise discussed with the Clinic.
  4. Upon arrival, the patient will have to be wearing a mask and keep it on until given different directions by the doctor/team. The patient should avoid wearing jewelry, especially on/around the hands. They should be carrying their personal items – cell phone, keys, wallet, etc. – in a small bag.


  1. Before entering the Clinic, the patient’s temperature will be taken using a Digital Forehead Thermometer.
  2. At the entrance, the patient will step on the special sanitizing mat and apply hand sanitizer gel available at the front desk.
  3. The patient will set their coat on the specified area. If they have a purse/bag they will leave it temporarily in the special box by the front desk.
  4. Before entering the examination room, the patient will put on a special surgical cap and possibly surgical booties that the Clinic will provide.


  1. The patient will store any further personal items in a special box. When the doctor/team asks for the patient to take their mask off, they will store it in a plastic bag that will be provided by the Clinic.
  2. The patient will use the special mouthwash provided by the Clinic.
  3. When the examination/treatment is over, the patient will throw away their cap and booties in the special trash provided and then apply hand sanitizing gel.
  4. Before exiting the room, the patient will put on their mask again and take their items from the special box.


  1. The patient will proceed to the doctor’s office to continue the conversation regarding the treatment. Both the patient and doctor will be wearing their masks.
  2. Afterwards, the patient will see the Front Desk staff to set a new appointment and will make any bill payments by Debit or Credit card only.
  3. Any documents related to the patient’s visit – X-rays, prescriptions or post-surgery instructions – will be emailed to the patient right after the visit, unless otherwise discussed.
  4. Before leaving the Clinic, the patient will apply once again the hand sanitizer available at the Front Desk.

For further questions, please contact us at:

Smile Ahead Clinic P: +30 210 600 80 20 / Doctor Sourmelis M: +30 6944 67 66 65 (for emergencies)