At our Clinic, the quality guarantee of our work is a given, as providing high level health care is key to building a relationship of trust with our patients. We stay informed daily on all the developments of science and technology. In order to always be one step ahead, we pursue our team’s continuous training and furthering of education.

Quality first of all means hygiene. The hygiene standards at ​​Smile Ahead Clinic start from the thorough disinfection of all the Clinic’s areas and are completed with the proper sterilization and disinfection of dental tools and materials for the control of infections. This ensures a safe environment for performing quality medical procedures.

Quality does not only refer to the materials used, but to the practice itself. Our focus is first on reducing the patient’s stress and pain during treatment. Our patients’ reports and remarks are always taken into account for the continuous improvement of our services. These guidelines are given to all the staff of the Clinic.

Smile Ahead Clinic, having developed and implemented a Quality Management System, receives every year since 2014 the certification of the international standard ISO 9001 which guarantees the highest quality of services, in Greece and internationally.


All the materials used at Smile Ahead Clinic are approved and certified per international quality standards (ADA, EU). The same applies to the materials used by the Dental Laboratories our Clinic collaborates with.

Specifically for Dental Implants, their placement is accompanied by an International certificate-passport which guarantees the high quality of the material used and that the Dental Implant used is a safe and biologically acceptable product.

All patients who have one or more Dental Implants placed at our Clinic, will receive the following certificate-passport at the end of their treatment as a quality guarantee, provided by the German manufacturing company of the Implants we use. The information on this certificate-passport enables any colleague or medical company around the world to identify the specific Dental Implant and to receive the information they seek.

Sample of the International certificate-passport