SEMINARS: “Basic Steps in Prosthesis over Dental Implants”

The process of prosthesis over dental implants is just as important as the surgery itself. Although its rules are similar to those of conventional dental prosthetics, many dentists feel uneasy about the process. For that reason, they are reluctant to recommend dental implants as a solution to their patients or refer them to specialized clinics.

In the prosthetics seminars organized by doctor Sourmelis since 1998, the doctor analyzes the basic steps in treating simple as well as complex cases of prosthesis over dental implants in an easily comprehensible way.

These Seminars allow dentists to see the overall process from a direct perspective and understand the simplicity of the procedure. At the end of the daily seminars, a certificate of attendance is issued to all participants, provided by BEGO – the German manufacturing company of the Dental Implants we use. The certificate includes all sections covered during the seminar.

SEMINAR SCHEDULE – * All seminars are conducted in Greek *

09:30 – 10:45 Theoretical Approach: Detailed PowerPoint presentation of the necessary tools and materials required for the procedure. The approach addresses in detail all 4 phases of the prosthesis over dental implants (imprinting – skeleton test – test of polished work – final placement).

11:00 – 12:15 Video presentations: Study a video on the basic steps of the prosthesis over dental implants on patients with a single crown and a bridge. The video analyses the details of the prosthetic restoration.

12:30 – 13:15 Hands on: Demonstration of the use of the specific tools and impression materials using dental study models/ molds. Repeated test application of the proposed techniques.

13:30 – 14:15 Laboratory assistance: A specialized Dental Technician, associate of Smile Ahead Clinic, explains the issues you may encounter and, with the use of study models, demonstrates the best way to overcome them.

14:30 – 15:30 The Digital Future: Discussion of the digital printing technique and all its stages, the convenience it offers and the new era it kicks off for modern Dental Prosthetics.

15:30 – 16:00 Q&A: Questions & answers session on all topics covered during the Seminar, in which representatives of BEGO -our dental implants’ German manufacturing company- and the Dental Laboratory with which Smile Ahead Clinic is affiliated, also participate.


  • The Seminars take place at Smile Ahead Clinic on a Saturday from 09:00am until 16:00pm in groups of eight (8) Dentists.
  • The cost of the Seminar, aside from attendance, also includes printed material and a usb drive with the highlights of the Seminar.
  • To Register: after the Clinic announces the date set for the next Seminar on the internet, you may contact our Front Desk at +30 210 600 80 20 to register.

Testimonials from seminar participants

Thank you for the excellent organization and presentation: the speech focused on the details for a perfect prosthetic work on implants, it was very useful to have the hands-on element and the presentation of a live case. Congratulations!

(translated from Greek using Google Translate)

Eleni G.

Excellent work – Thorough Presentation. Everything was perfect. Well done, Dr. Achilleas.

(translated from Greek using Google Translate)

Vassilis M.

It’s the most outstanding and evidence-based seminar I have seen in recent years, very thorough and clearly presented. My warm congratulations to the entire team of your clinic!!!

(translated from Greek using Google Translate)

Maria S.