Our team is committed to building a relationship of trust with our patients. We understand that all patients are unique and have specific needs. For this reason, during the initial discussion and clinical analysis on the first visit, we encourage all our patients to actively participate in their treatment plan. We want to take into consideration their opinion, priorities and wishes in order to recommend the correct treatment plan for them. By understanding our mutual goals, we ensure clear communication of the treatment plan and the best result for our patients.

At the same time, we create a safe, relaxing environment so that every patient can expect a comfortable experience.

Smile Ahead Clinic comprises a well-trained staff with experience in patient psychology which guarantees a successful relationship of trust.


On your first visit to the Clinic we will discuss the issue that concerns you and will record all the relevant data in order to best plan your personalized therapeutic approach. Throughout the treatment, our primary goal remains to reduce the patient’s anxiety and minimize their pain. This way, we encourage a genuine sense of relaxation and confidence in our patients.

«Our goal is the proper planning of the treatment and its acceptance by the patient, which will create a relationship of trust.»

A. Oral Health

On the first visit we record the patient’s medical history and the reason for their visit. We proceed by taking a digital panoramic x-ray at our Clinic in order to detect possible issues, not only in the teeth but also in the temporomandibular joints and the jaws. This is followed by a clinical examination of the entire oral cavity as well as the surrounding tissues.

If necessary, at this stage we will take initial dental impressions and digitally record your dental occlusion with the use of the T-Scan Occlusal Analysis System, which will be transferred to your electronic medical history record.

Regardless of whether you visit our Clinic for a Cosmetic Dentistry service – such as teeth whitening, cosmetic fillings, resin veneers – or for a more complex orthodontic or Dental Implant treatment, the first visit is always completed with a discussion with your doctor on your relevant needs.

Following this discussion, our team will examine the data collected and put together the steps of your treatment. The proposed treatment plan will be presented to you the same or the next day, along with a written estimate of the total cost.

Our basic principle is to respect each patient and to establish a close relationship of trust from the beginning. All procedures and data – such as the medical history, the course of treatment, as well as photos and videos accompanying that – always remain strictly personal data of the patient at Smile Ahead Clinic.

B. Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

If you visit our Clinic for facial cosmetic treatments – such as Hyaluronic Acid, Botox, Mesotherapy or Thread Lift – the first step is again to record your medical history and take photos of your face. A study of your case will follow and we will then suggest the best course of treatment based on what suits the structure of your face in combination with your wishes.

Most facial treatments require repeated applications over time to maintain the cosmetic effect. The entire course of treatment is always accompanied by photographic material to allow for comparative results.

The advantage of undergoing facial rejuvenation treatments at Smile Ahead Clinic is, that our expertise in oral & maxillofacial surgery offers us an in-depth knowledge of the overall structure of the face, thus, allowing us to guide you responsibly to a truly natural result.